The story 

Pondichéry is an atelier of high-end clothing, home design and accessories driven by an admiration for art.

Vassanty Manet, Via Pondichéry’s founder and designer, brings her heritage in the performing arts to the atelier’s products. Vassanty was for many years a prominent Bharat Natyam dancer, and comes from a family of distinguished dancers, painters and musicians who have lived between India and France. The confluence of art and fashion has been a uniquely creative, generative space for her.

Vassanty’s creations at Via Pondichéry spring from this art-fashion confluence and from her rich cross-cultural life between India, France, Madagascar and elsewhere.

Vassanty has long had a distinguished global footprint, with her creations selling at Galeries Lafayette and xx in Paris, xx in London, ABC Carpet and Home in New York, as well as at her own boutiques.

Her clothing designs combine stylish, comfortable Western styles with legendary local fabrics as well as with path breaking use oflIcal dyes, threads and floral work.

Her famed handbags are embroidered fabrics hand-woven by expert weavers in Pondicherry and other parts of South India.

Vassanty has now extended her design services to be spoke interiors for homes and boutique hotels. Her prominent clients include xx Hotel in Chennai, Panapara Estate in the Nilgiris, and xx in xx. Via Pondichéry now carries iconic pieces of furniture.

Vassanty takes pride in ethical and environmentally-protective business practices: across very product, Via Pondichéry works responsibly and ethically with artisans, designers and producers.

Via Pondichéry


Phone: (91) 95 66 63 89 63

Open Every day: 9am - 8pm